Someone said….

Someone said…. “Making things easier is not a part of my philosophy; Make things harder to grow stronger and bigger.”

Planche Progression 1

Ido Portal Method 1. Rubberband at Ankle position 2. ISO hold for 30 seconds

Rings Muscle-up Transition with rubberband

This video is for my clients for practice.

Tip of the Day – Building Muscle by Vince Del Monte

1. Become INEFFICIENT Unless you’re into CrossFit or a specific performance event involving more weight and more reps (without the concern for technique) than you DO NOT WANT TO BECOME EFFICIENT. Your goal… Continue reading

Tips of the Day – Stress Management

#1 Breathing, find the rhythm in your breath; #2 Feel your heart; #3 Stay in your centre; #4 Detach the environment; By Maka Javelina

Fat vs Muscle

Are you sore from working out?

CrossFit 14.1

Crossfit 14.1

This is my first time to do Crossfit. I just learnt how to manage doubleunder on Sat. It is pain and fun! And it’s a killer! Respect all CF athletes!

The 10 Must Do for Mass by PTDC