CrossFit 14.5

This is my first time to do CrossFit Open. Seriously, it’s much harder than I expected. I found out that one of my weakness is energy system. Obviously I didn’t train my energy… Continue reading

Rings Muscle-up by my client Rachid

Tip of the Day: Alcohol

Tip of the Day: Alcohol inhibits the body’s ability to detoxify other toxins. Alcohol makes toxins more toxic!

Work Harder! My friend

I think you always heard from someone said that I worked so hard. Really? The first question I ask him is that “how hard?” 100kg male, just finished 50kg bench press and couldn’t… Continue reading

Never Succumbing To Defeat

BioPrint in Hong Kong 3.2014

From Strength Sensei

BioPrint by Strength Sensei

Kenneth Lo 14.3 video

Can you see my name? I finally can catch up a little bit