Protein Shake or not?

Fat Loss Tip by #KennethStrengthTraining
A lot of beginners ask me a same question: Should I take protein shake? My answer is Yes or No. Depends. Hey! You’re just a beginner. You should not focus on supplementation. It helps, but it doesn’t mean it can make you big and lean immediately. Takes time. And there’s no magic. And please focus on your food!

My recommendation is that if your daily total calories intake is 2,000kcal with protein goal 200g. You know your diet will be shit today (e.g. yum cha 飲茶, or meeting all day…no time to have proper meals), you may need protein shake for meal replacement, because you plan ahead. You know how to achieve your protein goal.

And also, all beginners should find a qualified personal trainer to learn how to start a serious training with nutrition plan. Remember, training alone doesn’t work!

Enjoy your training!
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