Protein Shake or not?

Fat Loss Tip by #KennethStrengthTraining A lot of beginners ask me a same question: Should I take protein shake? My answer is Yes or No. Depends. Hey! You’re just a beginner. You should… Continue reading

Deadlift 230kg on 1.5.2014

Back Squat 182.5kg on 1.5.2014


Handstand 39sec – Ido Portal Method

Date: 19.4.2014 My best was 44sec last summer.

Keep Moving

Confidence comes from discipline and training.

You Decide

Practice x 1000 times

What is Processed Food(s)?

I asked my clients a simple question. What is processed food(s)? Here are their answers. The reason is that I would like to cut them out from their existing diet. Processed food have… Continue reading